The Recruiter is a cinéma-vérité, feature-length documentary that travels to the Louisiana coast to present Sergeant First Class Clay Usie, one of the most successful Army recruiters working in America. Part surrogate father and part motivational coach, Sgt. Usie offers a very different vision of the army than is usually portrayed. The film interweaves the dedication and determination of this consummate professional, with the stories of Lauren, Matt, and Bobby, three teenagers whom Sgt. Usie actively recruits. Shot over a 9-month period, the film follows these three possible conscripts as they complete their last semesters of high school and weigh their options. After their graduation, the film travels with them to basic training, where they transition from students to soldiers. After seeing the day-to-day lives and realistic possibilities of these young people, whatever preconceptions you may have of their best options will be put to the test.

The Film is 86 minutes and shot in color.

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